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TEN CONSECUTIVE  YEARS  LIVING  IN CARS:  Living,  Traveling, Camping,  Attending  College,  and Performing Surveillance  in  Cars----and  Loving  it!   

ISBN:0-9676248-2-7 -- 2007 paperback edition: 7x10 size, 328 pages (88,000+ words), dozens of "full bleed" color pictures . . . $29.95 U.S.A.  &  UK      BOOKSURGE.COM

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Chapter One discusses simple, non-damaging car interior modifications that can be used to make any car comfortable to live in.   Car insulating options, condensation prevention,  car interior privacy, and car "privatization" legality concerns are some of the main topics discussed.  Ways in minimizing any unusual infrared signature emitted from a car that is being lived in is also discussed.  (approximately 7,866 words in length)

Chapter Two discusses what the author feels is the most important information that can be used to help one remain comfortable inside a car during extreme temperature (hot & cold) weather.   Although chapter two could easily be combined with chapter three because of their similar subject matter----to show the  exclusiveness and importance of the material in chapter two, the author felt that dedicating a single chapter in presenting it would be appropriate.  (approximately 2,476 words in length)  UPDATE

Chapter Three discusses other modifications, techniques, and enhancements that can be implemented mainly inside a car to enhance one's comfort during extreme temperature weather.  (approximately 4,240 words in length)

Chapter Four gives recommendations as to how a person living in a car can best meet their organization and storage needs.  Specialized storage, including moisture and/or oxygen sensitive storage is also covered.  (approximately 2,487 words in length)

Chapter Five discusses car interior cleanliness concerns;  clothes washing options, considerations, and recommendations; car living bathing options, considerations, and recommendations;  and satisfying toilet needs in car living situations.  (approximately 7,380 words in length)

Chapter Six discusses options in meeting food and drinking water needs in car living situations.  Drinking water sources, retrieval, and storage; food preparation, heating, and cooking options;  and food refrigeration/freezer storage options are some of the main topics covered.  (approximately 4,802 words in length)  UPDATE

Chapter Seven discusses equipment/possessions that are useful to have in car living situations.  Deficits and/or hazards pertaining to the use of certain equipment is also covered.  (approximately 2,494 words in length)

Chapter Eight discusses options, considerations, and recommendations in meeting electrical power needs in car living situations.  Equipment operating hazards and deficits are also covered.  (approximately 9,070 words in length)

Chapter Nine discusses options in protecting yourself and your car in car living situations.  Personal physical and financial protection, physical residence address concerns, car theft/vandalism  prevention, car bullet-proofing modifications, and self-protection weaponry options are some of the main topics covered.  Although this material has applications for general car living situations, it will be very useful to those living/working inside a car parked at dangerous areas in a big city, such as bounty hunters and surveillance specialists.    (approximately 10,605 words in length)  

Chapter Ten  discusses everything the author knows about "secret" parking situations. General parking recommendations that should be considered when choosing any parking location, ways in making a car blend in better wherever it is parked,  and the many conditions that make parking locations suitable or unsuitable are thoroughly discussed and analyzed.   This chapter also describes and analyzes dozens of different parking locations the author has used in meeting his "secret" parking needs.    (approximately 15,138 words in length)     more about Ch. 10  

Chapter Eleven discusses how the author attended college living secretly inside a "privatized" car.   Bathing options, nutrition options, exercise options, campus police, nighttime campus parking situations,  physical address requirement,  and electrical power options are some of the topics discussed.  (approximately 4,603 words in length)

Chapter Twelve discusses how to make police encounters productive and how to end them quickly.  What exactly takes place during a typical nighttime police encounter, the best ways to respond to police questioning, the best ways of dealing with a police encounter that occurs while having intimate relations inside a "privatized" car, and detailed accounts of some of the author's encounters with police are the main topics covered.   (approximately 6,621 words in length)    more about Ch. 12

The information in Chapter Thirteen is geared to helping any car owner maintain their car so that it gives the longest possible life with minimal problems.  Critical car maintenance, non-critical but necessary car maintenance, other useful car care information, and useful tools, accessories, &  parts to have while living in cars is thoroughly discussed.  (approximately 9,018 words in length)   UPDATE

Chapter Fourteen discusses ways the author has enhanced his car living by successfully using the facilities of  businesses, such as using hotel/apartment/country club/condominium/resort  swimming pools as an anonymous guest.  (approximately 1,653 words in length)

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